John Buoni ChFC®

John Buoni ChFC®

Senior Financial Advisor

John has over 25 years of experience helping clients make better investment decisions for their personal situation and life stages.  As a trusted financial advisor his primary objective for all clients is the protection and preservation of their retirement nest eggs.

For retired clients the secondary focus is generating income from their retirement savings in line with their risk comfort level.

For pre-retired clients, the secondary emphasis is moderate growth to meet future inflation-adjusted income needs while striving to avoid large losses along the way.  Working with clients to develop a social security claiming strategy is a priority at this stage of a client’s life.

A trusted financial advisor like John can help clients take advantage of the many, and sometimes confusing, opportunities to develop and manage a retirement investment plan that meets their income objectives and goals.

When not with his family and friends John can be found in the gym, the ballroom dance floor or hiking.