Retirement Plans for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

401Ks are a great way to save for retirement -- in large part because of the flexibility they offer as well their significantly higher contribution limits versus alternatives like IRAs and State Mandated Plans. However, the common complaint we hear about these types of retirement plans is that they tend to be cumbersome and time intensive to operate. True!

This is why Sovereign teamed up with The Newport Group and Ascensus -- one of the country's largest providers of 401Ks to create a solution. Our partnership with them has yielded:

Align Retirement Pathways is a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) which means your small / mid sized business can take advantage of the economies of scale normally reserved for large corporations. This means:

  • The opportunity for lower plan costs -- often 20%-50% lower than comparability sized plans.
  • Improved access to innovative investment management
  • Transfer administrative and fiduciary burdens to a third-party: Newport acts as the 3(16) administrative fiduciary and Sovereign acts as the 3(38) investment fiduciary.
  • And... what our small business clients like most... you never have to sign another 5500 form! That's done by The Newport Group who will act as the plans fiduciary.

Lower costs, higher flexibility and transferring your administrative and fiduciary burdens...

If that sounds good to you... let us show you exactly how you and your employees can benefit from this 401K solution.

  • Companies with Existing Plans: We can run a complimentary, no-obligation analysis of your current plan. Within 48 hours we will generate a detailed and quantifiable analysis of how your plan stacks up against this Pooled Employer Plan option. You have nothing to looses. In fact, you and your employees may have much to gain.
  • Companies with no plan: If you do not yet have a plan and are looking to get one (perhaps as a result of the recent State Mandates) we can also run a proposal to show you how the Pooled Employer 401K can help you get up an running quickly -- and with more flexibility than the State Mandate Plan.

All you need to do is complete the request form below. No one will call you... we will leave it to you to review our analysis and let us know if you would like to discuss. No obligation, no pressure. We will let the analysis speak for itself :-)