SAS - Continuity and Succession Planning

Plan your future

As financial planners, we regularly review our clients' long term goals. We should certainly be doing the same with ourselves -- especially as it relates to what is likely one of our largest assets -- our book of business. At Sovereign, we recognize the importance of having a well thought out plan in place for continuity and succession. As with all things at Sovereign, we provide multiple options and the choice is up to you as the advisor and sole owner of your book.

Continuity Planning

We can help you protect your book of business by working with you on the creation of a continuity plan that would be at the ready to protect your clients and your family in teh event of death or disability. You set the terms and choose who would ultimately take over your book. The advisor you choose can already be at Sovereign, so, because you always retain full ownership of your book we can help you construct a plan with any advisor at any firm. You retain full control over the process and the terms. The end result is maximum safety for those you care most about.

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Succession Planning

If you already know when you are looking to exit the business we can help ensure a smooth transition for you and your clients as well as help you to extract the maximum value you deserve from the years you have spent building your business. We can even help you design a succession program that begins with your reducing your workload for "x" years as you approach your full exit date.

For example, perhaps you are not ready for full retirement today. We can structure a plan that would allow you to work just 6 months a year indefinitely. Then, we would be at the ready to purchase your business at top dollar when you are ready to make the full move to retirement. As with everything at Sovereign, the choices are yours. You can construct the succession plan with us and our corporate RIA, or, you can also work out your deal with any other advisor at any firm. You know what is best for your clients, so, you are in control.

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